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The Art Handlers, Ltd.

The Art Handlers, Ltd., a subsidiary of Superlative Interiors, Inc., performs many functions helpful to art lovers and Galleries of all kinds.  We deliver and install precious art and sculpture ... We deliver and ship antiques and artifacts ... We fabricate custom frames, custom pedestals and platforms, etc ... We  install decorative lighting ... We construct custom crates for shipping ... We have storage facilities ... The list goes on and on ... Tell us your needs...

If we can't do it ... it can't be done....!           Contact us via Superlative Interiors, Inc.


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    Prop Central

Another subsidiary is Prop Central, Inc.   

    Our vast inventory of props include styles from the 18th  to 21st Centuries such as ... paintings, prints, photographs, masks ... Tabletop items like ... glass and ceramic decor, lamps and much more ... A huge selection of headboards... Architectural elements such as columns, gates, and corbels... Temporary showroom lighting with tracks, fixtures, bulbs, stands, light boxes and more. 

    We have just about everything that your showroom needs, and if we don't have it, we'll get it for you.

    Our experienced staff includes set designers, carpenters, lighting pros, scenic artists, and stylists, enabling us to customize your individual propping needs. Prop Central is a division of Superlative Interiors, Inc. with over 25 years of decorating experience.