Superlative Interiors, Inc.

                              A Brief History

Superlative Interiors, Inc. was founded in 1978 by Randy Neal at the encouragement of  a friend and client.  After some great work and a few referrals, as well as a few New York Home Textile Markets under its belt, the Company began to gain a steady clientel and make a name for itself.  It wasn't long before the business rented a space in Chelsea to house its office, a prop house, and a carpentry and paint shop.  In 1984 Lars Hanson and Harry Primeau came on board as carpenters and over the course of several years they learned what clients needed, from the initial showroom design to the final completion.  Twelve years and many markets and tradeshows later, Lars and Harry were given the opportunity to purchase the Company, and they did.  It was a three year buy-out.  During that time, and under Randy's guidance, they continued to build the Company.  It was a very sad time, for everyone who knew him, when Harry passed away in 2002.  It was also tough for the country as a whole because of 911, but with determination, we all moved onward.  Lars acquired control of the company shortly thereafter and has been running it ever since.  Many talented people have worked with the Company along the way ... carpenters ... painters ... stylists ... laborers ... You can count on these gifted professionals to carry out all of your showroom needs...!

With most of the Superlative team having 15 years or more of showroom experience,        our professionals have been accomplishing the the impossible for many years.                                        



                      If you need ... a new showroom from soup to nuts ... we can do it.
                      If you need ... design ideas or fixtures provided ... we can do it. 
                      If you need ... a showroom facelift ... we can do it.
                      If you need ... styling services ... we can do it.
                      If you need ... a carpenter to hang a sign or install a fixture ... we can do it.

                      If you need ... a laborer to move stuff around ... we can do it.




Our Strengths

Throughout these many years Superlative Interiors, Inc. has  prided itself in completing the projects it has taken on within the timelines and budgets allowed.  We understand that a client is often unable to provide a final decision for its needs in a timely manner, thus leaving a very short amount of time to make it happen, but it has been our forte for many years to "Make it Happen"...! 
Remember Felix the Cat and his bag of tricks? ...... Just call us Felix...!